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We get a lot of questions so let's try to answer some 

Q: Do you take reservations ?

A: Yep, but only for 10 or more

Q: Can you accommodate our group of 20 or more?

A: Welllllll...Yes & No, during our peak season (June-July-August) it is pretty difficult for us to accommodate such large groups during prime dining hours. Everyone wants to eat here. It's crazy. 

BUT If your group can eat earlier than 6pm and later than 9pm, we might be able to fit you in. 

Q: Do you have gluten free options? 

A: Some items are (ask your server) and we will do our best to make sure you eat. 


Q: Are you open in the winter?

A: Yes, BUT we are closed Monday and Tuesday and have brunch on Sunday. We close January and February for staff vacation. (they earned it) 

Q: Do you do catering and or events?

A: Yes, but only during non peak months, and only on site. We have a great space upstairs with killer private bar and a wicked view. Check out our events menu.


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